Family Walks In A Winter Wonderland

Happy Friday lovelies, my goodness this week has felt as though it has gone by very quickly! Probably because it’s been quite a dull week and life is what you make it but lacking in energy, non stop rain, an intense full moon and lockdown vibes, it’s definitely been a more mentally challenging week. That said, one of the things I have enjoyed doing this week is editing these snowy photos that were taken last Sunday! We do not get a lot of snow in the southwest of England or at least not in the location that we live in and so I was intent on making the most of it. Though we had snow in the village that we live in, it had disappeared by mid morning and so we ventured out and went up higher to where we thought the snow would be longer lasting.

We intended to go up on the moors of exmoor but the roads were a bit too dangerous and so we abandoned those plans and luckily when we go with the flow and don’t fight the resistance, we are usually blessed with an alternative that is better and in this case, it really was. We were guided to this spot on the side of the road and it turned out to be what looked like a winter wonderland. We took a small stroll through the snow filled forest where took some photos, I say some but it was actually 450! So you can imagine the editing process, all week baby! Anyway this day was a beautiful reminder that sometimes when something falls apart, It’s because something better is coming together. We might not always have the insight to see it but that’s why faith, trust and a willingness to let go is necessary in order to receive the small and big blessings that god, the universe or whatever you resonate with, has planned for us.

I know there are a lot of images here but as I mentioned already, we do not have a lot of snow days, once or twice a year if we are lucky and so that’s why there’s an overload being shared today. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of love and light,

Daniella xx


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