Style Guide To Wellington Boots

If you had said to me ten years ago, that in 2020 I would be coveting a pair of Wellington boots, I’d have ignorantly scoffed in your face because my twenty one year old self had yet to appreciate how stylish wellies could be, plus at that age I was yet to connect with the wonder that is the great outdoors! It wasn’t until my mid-late twenties that I really started to appreciate the peace, clarity and healing that nature can and does most certainly bring to ones soul. The trouble is I’ve never invested in the right outdoors footwear and after a little while of admiring Wellington boots by Le Chameau, they finally found their way into my wardrobe, thanks to my boyfriend who amongst many other things, is a wonderfully intuitive gift giver! Before now, I would have to have put weekend adventures off until we were blessed with dryer weather but now, come rain or shine we can venture out and in style I might add. I particularly like the style I now own but today I’m sharing a few more Wellington boots styles that I admire. Do you own a pair of wellies? do you enjoy getting out in nature?

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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