Reliable Classics and Country Roads

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope your weekend was well spent, I hope if you are living in the UK you were lucky enough as we were and were to enjoy the sight of some now. I’ll be honest it was a welcome distraction from a tough couple of days.

Something I dislike on a huge scale is injustice, whether that’s injustice big or small. I’ve seen a lot of injustice in regards to myself personally, people who are close to me and of course on a global scale. Living most of my life with chronic fatigue/ M E has meant enduring a lot of unjust decisions, judgements and some pretty ignorant opinions by everyday people and healthcare professionals and unfortunately It’s something that overtime, I have come accustomed to.

Dealing with something that effects my everyday life that isn’t black and white and is instead filled with lots of grey and unpredictable moments that are challenging physically, emotionally and mentally is tough enough for one to navigate regardless of how long I have lived with this but then when I am met with people who are supposed to be professional, approach my everyday sufferings with a level of ignorance that only serves to degrade people who are in a position such as the one I am in, is emotionally debilitating and it can be tough to keep fighting such ignorance.

But it is, I believe, necessary to not allow oneself to become downtrodden and to instead rise up against injustice, whether that’s by being loud and creating a storm or by working quietly yet diligently towards the change one hopes to make against professional ignorance. If anyone is feeling misunderstood or as though they are being treated unfairly, then know that I sympathize with you and even though there are people out there making you feel that way, there are also people who care and understand too. As challenging as it is and instead of using our precious energy on anger or falling into the category of “victim” let’s instead choose to use our time and energy in way that serves to be the example we wish to see! I apologise for today’s rant, but I had to share this because I think it’s important to share these things from time to time in case anyone else out there reading this can relate.

Today’s outfit is an ode to my classics that I love and rely on so much and sometimes a little reliability is what one needs from their wardrobe.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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