Quotes & Words Of Strength and Courage

Discernment is something I actively practice in many areas of my life and often when I pray I will ask my angels to help be discerning with my words and especially the words I choose to use to communicate with others. I try and speak from a place of love and grace and I don’t always get it right but moving into a place of consciousness in where I take greater care with the words I choose to speak is important to me. The nursery rhyme that suggests “words can never hurt me” is such an ignorant statement, though I’m sure it was said with good intention but the fact is, words can cut very deep and can even become ingrained in us and so it’s our responsibility as mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, friends, siblings and so on to speak with consideration. We can either be the voice in the back someone’s mind who makes them feel as though they can’t or we can be the voice in the back of someone’s mind who reminds them that they can.

it can be difficult to take step back and have a real authentic look at ones life and be honest with ourselves with the things that make us unhappy and it can be even harder if it includes people that we love or care for. It can also be hard if it involves our own self sabotaging actions. Whatever it is, whoever it is that is no longer bringing value or purpose to your life, just remember that sometimes we cling on to things and even people because they are familiar to us even if it brings our energy down, we can’t seem to help ourselves because of the ease that comes with familiarity. I think when conducting any change in your life, it’s good to keep in mind, to take things one step at a time, one day at a time and to be gentle on yourself whilst you process the change that needs to take place. Making changes big or small can appear daunting, I know and sympathise with that more then most but break it down and do what you, where you can and little by little you’ll have made more progress then you could have ever anticipated and before you know it, you look back and see how far you’ve come. But please leave space to patient with yourself.


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