Cosy Cardigan’s & Lessons In Change

How is everyone’s week going so far? Today’s look is from late last year taken on a beautifully mild day. You may have noticed this cardigan is on repeat and that’s because it’s one of my favourite buys from the autumn/winter and It feels just as warm as the colour would suggest and I love its classic fit and style. It’s also a great layering piece too.

I’ve been thinking a lot in the last couple of weeks about change and not just on the grand scale but on a smaller one too. I think sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it’s okay to change parts of ourselves and it’s okay to change our minds on long standing beliefs or short ones. So often, I feel we are scared to say we’ve changed our mind on something, it’s like we feel this pressure to justify our every decision or maybe we are scared that our friends, family or loved ones will judge us if we change aspects of ourselves and or/or our belief system. Maybe you’ll be met with sarcasm or criticism when you’re open with the changes you have made and I know that feeling and I have come to belive it comes from an insecurity within others!

When someone Criticises or makes you feel small for evolving, trying something new or looking at something from a different perspective, remember that change makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, people love familiarity and when something feels new and different, quite often it scares them and they don’t always know how to process that and so they put your changed perspectives down in an attempt to keep you at the same level that they are currently at and a level that they are comfortable with. This is likely a subconscious act but nevertheless remember not to become disheartened by their actions or words because it is not a reflection on you, instead it’s more of a reflection on their inability to evolve or be accepting of someone who is changing.

This might make you feel dis-attached to the the people you once felt close to and that can be emotionally difficult on all parties involved. But stay true to yourself and your feelings and the right people will stay and find a way to grow with you. And those who can’t, you must find a way to accept that you were in each other’s life in a time where it was right but it’s okay to move on and whether that means you find new people who are more aligned with who you are right now or you may find that you are at peace with your own company and that’s enough for this period in time. Either way keep that trust in yourself and have faith in the process that is unfolding for you, it may be uncomfortable and you may have to let some situations go but you will feel better for it.

sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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