One Of My Favourite Forever Pieces

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

It’s taken me a couple of days to get back into editing some photos and bringing a post together. I was eager to get some content on here but I was also aware that I wanted to enjoy the last few days of my partner being off from work, as well as trying to get our home back to normal, after weeks of christmas decorations being up. I always get a little sad when they all have to come down but admittedly, I enjoy the feeling of everything being stripped down and simplifying our living areas.

Our home does feel a little bare right now as I am hoping to acquire some new pieces for the home this year and in my mind if I clear away the pieces I no longer want on display, then I am creating a space for the items that I do wish to have in our home. The outfits that I will be posting in the next few style posts will be from late last year but I am currently working on newer looks that feel a little more like 2021. I have a few new pieces from Christmas and I look forward to sharing them. I am keeping it mostly short and sweet as I write this. Its Tuesday night and I am going to enjoy the fact that our little Nova-Rose is sleeping ( the past few evenings she’s been struggling to sleep) and we are currently re-watching the Sherlock Holmes series and tonight we can do so uninterrupted (fingers crossed).

My outfit consists of one of my all time favourite forever pieces, my Isabel Marant blazer! It’s a truly timeless style, oversized but with shape and whenever I put it on I get nostalgic about the joy I felt when I finally bought this blazer all those years ago! I saved for ages and felt such pride when I was able to purchase it.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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