Wishing You Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very healthy, happy and wonderfully abundant 2021. It’s no secret that 202o had its challenges, it caused loss for many, anxiety and worry for most and in some ways its the year we all want to forget! But I believe that 2020 also bought a lot of darkness into the light, it’s the year we gained 2020 vision and truly started to see things clearly. More then ever we appreciate our health and the importance of treating our bodies with kindness and care. We engaged with nature like never before and have truly come to understand more then ever before the damage that we are undoubtedly doing to the planet and all it’s inhabitants.

Even personally, whether we realise it or not we will have benefited from this year by persevering through the challenges that have presented themselves this year. 2020 was the teacher, the eye opener and hopefully 2021 will be the year that we can put what we’ve learnt into some practice. 2021 still has the same problems of 2020 but maybe this year we can make moves that will be more productive and I know Covid is still very much here but I’m always optimistic and Choose to believe that this will eventually end and hopefully sooner rather then later.

From the bottom of my heart I send you nothing but love, light and an abundance of health and success for 2021. Daniella x


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