Christmas Day 2020

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Better late then never eh! I know I am a little behind on posting these photos and I hope you will still enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed posting them. I split them down into four sections and part one is sharing a few moments from our christmas morning. Part two takes a look at my outfit, part three are the captures I just about managed to shoot of our darling Nova-Rose (she was grumpy from being up early) and part four are a few photos we took of our family, I would have like to get some of my mum but she’s always busy in the kitchen/photo dodging! For my Christmas day outfit, I originally wanted to wear a red check dress but in the end I went this midi skirt from Arket with a plain long sleeve top and this statement collar, also from Arket. I know the collard look isn’t for everyone but I enjoyed the pilgrim-chic style for this christmas. It may not be timeless but I like the statement it makes and I imagine when I look back on it in years to come, I’ll know exactly what year it was. Sometimes it’s okay to step away from a completely classic look and bring a little unexpected fun to the table.

I am considering putting Nova-Rose in this dress for New years also because it is just too adorable to only wear once and I think it would work for Valentines day too! Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely christmas even if it wasn’t how you had hoped it be. New Years eve is just around the corner and though our plans will be simple, I will still enjoy putting something a little special on and enjoying some yummy food and maybe just a touch of champagne.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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