The Fun Christmas Sweater

Happy Friday!

Today is looking rather grey and very wet outside! We have had such a dull weather recently. Today I’m sharing a few photos of me and of course Nova-Rose, who’s appearance was just as short and sweet as she is but at least we captured a couple of us together, I’ll always take what I can get from the one year old, almost two year old! Yep, next February Nova-Rose turns two, time feels as though it’s running away from me! Today’s look is both festive and fun, with my cute Disney sweater that I bought via H&M at the beginning of the month. We love Disney as a family, so much s, that we have a whole Christmas tree dedicated to it. I like the idea of having this Christmas sweater that I can bring out each Christmas and as Nova-Rose grows older, she’ll become more familiar with it. Originally I wore it when we decorated our tree and so maybe it will become my tree decorating sweater?!

I love making new traditions as much as I enjoy the familiar ones that we’ve done for years. That said, I have become a lot more comfortable with the idea of not always keeping to every tradition we have had for this time of year and to instead be more open to embracing new ideas that one day might evolve into heartwarming traditions. I fear if we always keep firm to our Christmas traditions, that when it comes to looking back we won’t be able to separate one year from the next! Whereas if we try and bring something new into the mix each year, then I feel, each Christmas will become more prominent in ones mind rather then being one big blur of Christmases.

Are you a die hard traditionalist or do you like to mix it up every now and again?

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


H&M Sweater (sold out) love this HERE

Arket Jeans – HERE

Converse Sneakers – HERE


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