Cosy Christmas Mornings

Here is our little Nova-Rose all cosy in her check pyjamas that I bought her especially to wear throughout December and probably through the entire winter (as long as they continue to fit her. This time last year she had a similar style only it was a romper as opposed to a set and I couldn’t help but keep the theme going, as I love how perfectly festive they are for this of year, especially with the lit christmas tree as a backdrop. I do love cosy mornings, curled up on the sofa watching Christmas movies, its just a shame that Nova-Rose doesn’t sit still for then two seconds and the only movies that are permitted on our screen is Toy Story or Frozen with the occasional exception of Teletubbies or the Night Garden! Oh well, at least it looks the perfect scene, thanks to the stillness of a photo.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Check pyjamas Via Next – Here


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