A Lovely Day In The Neighborhood

The day we captured these photos was one of those days that I will treasure. As we wondered down onto our local green, Nova-Rose made a b-line for the skate ramp and though she’s passed it many times before, for whatever reason she was just utterly obsessed this time around. She loved running across it and she was eager to get my mum and I involved in the fun too. This year hasn’t been easy In getting out, as we are sadly all familiar with and though we have continued to get out as and when we can to place that are safe and quiet, Nova-Rose hasn’t particularly taken to it. She’s often quite distressed when we take her out to new explore territory unless she is in her pushchair, I suppose she feels safer for whatever reason. Also we have been somewhat avoiding parks in the name of trying to be safe and so this was quite exciting for me and her Nana to see her enjoying what all children should be free to enjoy. She went on to play on the roundabout and some of the other park equipment too and seeing her smiling from ear to ear, running around and simply loving life was something that honestly filled me with joy.

I think as a mum, I question myself, “what am I getting wrong”, especially when we are taking her out and she’s just completely overwhelmed and uninterested in what I think a lot of children her age would be enjoying. It’s emotionally challenging trying to figure out what I might not be doing enough of or something I might be doing too much! And then, like magic, days like these happen and in turn I am reminded that all children are beautiful unique souls who do things in their time, in their own way and at the pace they feel comfortable and for the most part it has little to do with our ability as the parents. I also want to mention that though these moments are caught on camera, they are an authentic capture of what we are like, camera or no camera. The only thing that I may have jazzed up for the sake of the photos, is my style, in the sense that I’ll definitely be doing my hair, make up and my outfit would have had more consideration because I’m vain like that. But I do my best to convey through the lens of the camera an authentic representation of our dynamic, the positive ones that is.

I hope you like todays post. Sending out love and light to you, Daniella x

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