Cream & Green, A Festive Dream

Happy Monday lovelies and can you believe that we only have one full week before Christmas and then it’s onto Christmas week. this year I wanted to document a few more of festive outfits leading up to Christmas and today’s look is a simple yet chic outfit and though I just wore this because I was feeling fancy that day, this would also work as a wonderful concept for an elegant yet understand outfit for Christmas day. I think if you are less about the sequins and ott sparkle then picking a satin or satin like material is a great way to keep it feeling festive without compromising what you feel comfortable in. This skirt I am wearing is old but is a great expel to my point. A comfortable and slightly oversized knit was the perfect way to downplay the skirt and the little sparkle on the heel of my shoes also. Overall I really liked the balance of this outfit, showy but in a simplified manner.

Here you can see my suggestions on Christmas day style, in case you’re still stuck. And HERE you can see what I wore last Christmas and HERE the round up of all my festive looks before that.

Wishing you a lovely week.

Sending you lots of love and light,

Daniella x

1. H&M Knit – HERE 2. Iris & Ink Sage Green Skirt – HERE 3. Jimmy Choo Shoes – HERE

4. Marks & Spencer Cashmere Knit – HERE 5. Anthropologie Chocolate Skirt – HERE 6. The White Company Flats – HERE 7. Arket Cocoon Sleeves Knit – HERE 8. Weekday Black Skirt – HERE


H&M Knit

(old) Asos Skirt

(old) Marks & spencer Shoes


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