Autumn Layers & Knee High Boots

Happy Friday lovelies!
At the end of this summer I invested in this beautiful blue blouse and whilst packing away my summer pieces at the beginning of autumn, I felt compelled to keep out this pretty floral top in the hope I would find a way to make it work for the autumn season. During the early days of November, I finally found a way to style this blouse and though a little unexpected, I found it worked. Thankfully I timed it right, just before coat weather came along. This look simply wouldn’t have worked with a coat because the voluminous sleeves is what triggers this outfit. Layering it over a turtleneck and under my sleeveless knit was necessary in order to avoid wearing a jacket or a coat of any kind but I also felt that creating this layered look with the three tops is what gave this summery blouse a more autumnal feel.

What are you plans for this weekend? I’m hoping the weather has gotten it wrong and it will dry and crisp rather then wet and gloomy, that way we can get out for a few walks. I also need to get started on my Christmas present wrapping, every day this week, I have planned on doing so and every day I get preoccupied with other tasks and then come the evening I’m just done!

Well, wishing you a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend filled with love and light,

Daniella x


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