December Delights: The Christmas Tree Farm

Hello lovelies, each Christmas we head up to our local Christmas tree farm to pick our tree and though the atmosphere was different this year, it was still important to keep at least one tradition in 2020.

I was a little worried about sharing these photos, I really didn’t want to come across insensitive to those who are missing their family and aren’t able to seem them. I also didn’t want you thinking that we were ignoring the rules and though I don’t want give the impression that I’m justifying myself here but I did feel it necessary to share how, that we, as a family have been self isolating since before the first lockdown in the U.K. was even issued. We live right next to each other with just a garden in between us and we are incredibly safe because we have to be and not just because we all have to look out for one another but because me, my mum and sister all have health issues that means we have to be safe.

I am so thankful we were able to create these memories together, I sincerely know how lucky we are to have this during these times. Langford Lakes continues to be our choice of destination for picking our tree. They went above and beyond to make the farm safe and I appreciate like I’m sure so many others do, their family run business and how they continue to create a truly wonderfully festive experience.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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