Afternoon Adventures At The Apple Orchard

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today’s post is from a time in the early part of the autumn when we visited our local cider farm, not for anything social but to enjoy the grounds of the apple orchards for an afternoon walk. This is something we do annually and is usually followed by a visit to their cosy cafe for cake and hot chocolate but this year and in our best efforts for staying safe, we decided to give that a miss, though we did get a take a take out version as a compromise. As I edit these photos I am reminded that despite how these photos would depict, this afternoon did not go as I had hoped.

I don’t ever want readers or viewers of any kind to think that our family life is perfect because just like any other family, we have challenges too. Yes, the photos I’ve selected share the positive moments of this afternoon but honestly Nova-Rose was in a horrendous mood due to not napping earlier that day and then falling asleep in the car to then being awoken when we arrived at the farm! She practically cried the entire walk, with only small moments of laughter and smiles, we eventually had to give up half way around the trail and take her back home which was fine because her being calm and feeling safe is the most important thing to us. Yes, it didn’t go as planned but I think having a child means that eighty percent of the time, things just don’t go as planned and we, as the adults have to learn to simply adjust and roll with it.

Regardless to how that eventful afternoon went, I am happy with how the photos turned out and I hope you enjoy them too.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x


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