Autumn Days In Oversized Cardigans

Well, it’s Monday and though I wanted todays post to go live yesterday, its that time of year where things get a little busier and even though we are in the middle of yet another lockdown, things still feel a little hectic. Also I was unwell with a cold last week, which set me back and Nova-Rose hasn’t been napping or sleeping very well and that coupled with trying to get christmas orders done, creating blog content, editing it and just trying to stay on top of it all, its easy for me to get behind on the posts. But even though I may sound overwhelmed and maybe I am a little, I mean welcome to motherhood! No, really, I have become a lot more at peace with just working diligently but at my own pace, things will get done, sometimes sooner and sometimes later. I am not going to be stressing in five years about the blogpost that I posted on a Tuesday rather then a Monday and if I am not going to stress about it in five years time, then why stress for more then five minutes now!

Todays look is a perfect example of one my favourite casual yet stylish autumnal outfits. I love the ease of an oversized cardigan, though I find them a bit like searching for the perfect pair of jeans, I always feel that there is a better one out there! But that said I have been pretty happy with this one, ever since I picked it up in the sales a few years ago. Its many sizes too big for me but I honestly think that’s the secret to finding the right oversized fit, go BIGGER! Pairing an oversized cardigan with jeans is timeless and by adding a soft blouse into the mix, makes this casual outfit feel a little more elegant without having to try too hard. I also love an oversized cardigan as a lighter yet still cosy alternative to coats for those early autumn days or the more mild winter ones. I’ve selected a few cardigans that have caught my eye, though with the black friday sales, I have found that stock online in pretty low and so that’s why I haven’t been able to select as many as I would have liked to.

Anyway I wish you a wonderful week ahead, sending you love and light,

Daniella x


(old) Oversized Marks & Spencer Cardigan

& Other Stories Floral Blouse

(old) Grey Skinny Jeans

Eytys Boots


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