Autumn Apples and Warming Teas

Nordic House Mug – HERE Basket – HERE Wool Blanket – HERE Heath & Heather Tea – HERE

Cartwright & Butler Cookies – HERE

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies.
Even if it’s a holiday that your country doesn’t celebrate, there is always room for being thankful. Here are some autumnal moments that I captured this November. Though we visited a local apple orchard, unfortunately you can’t pick any of their apples and so I decided to create the image for if we were able to bring a basket full of apples home with us.

This month I acquired these new mugs (pictured above) which if I’m honest, I was disappointed with at first. They are very small and I know it’s my fault for not reading through the measurements properly but when it’s described as a mug for tea and coffee, it’s easy to assume that it’s a general mug size. That said, I absolutely love the rustic design and have come to appreciate the smaller size, it’s perfect for my herbal teas. Talking of herbal teas, I usually try and buy dried loose tea via Neals Yard but I also always have a variety of herbal/fruit teas from my favourite tea brand Heath & Heather. Amongst other flavours, i love their organic apple and cinnamon tea, it’s perfectly warming and it’s especially festive for this time of year.

Have a lovely day and Sending you love and light wherever you are, Daniella x


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