Family Walks Through The Autumn Trees

A little while back at the beginning of the autumn we went for an afternoon walk not too far away and it was one of those perfectly crisp autumnal afternoons. I kept my outfit classic yet simple, it was during a time where layers weren’t that necessary. This blazer has really seen me through the autumn, I love how it looks with the converse and jeans for a casual twist on this timeless style. Being immersed in nature is not just enjoyable for me but necessary for clearing my energy field of any negativity that may have built up. Looking through the images of the trees, I couldn’t help but be moved by their inspiring qualities, which we can adapt into our lives also.

Lessons from a tree:

Create strong roots, ground yourself, stand tall, learn to bend, this is better then breaking. Let go of what no longer serves you, let it fall to the ground and make room for new to come along in its place. Reach for the sky, be hospitable to those who need it and know it’s okay to be both fragile and tough.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx


Joules Fedora Hat

Marks & Spencer blazer – HERE

Meh Jeans – Here

Converse Sneakers – HERE


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