Fedoras & Florals

I’m so happy to share these photos with you today. It’s taken me a little while to edit them, my mum and I actually shot this look over a month ago. I love the warm colour tones of autumn but I’m also a lover of simple whites all year round and so the combining of the two was a perfect sartorial compromise for a crisp yet autumnal outfit.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you today. Please do not ignore your gut, honour what your body is telling you in regards to a situation or a certain someone. If something feels off then explore that and don’t feel the need to justify, just do it. If you get it wrong, then that’s okay. What I’ve learned on my journey to listening to my gut and learning to have more trust and faith in myself, is that whilst healing any insecurities we may have about trusting our intuition is that it’s okay if we follow our gut instincts and we get it wrong because the most important thing is, that we learn to listen, acknowledge our thoughts and feelings and follow through with our what body is telling us. In time we will master it and for the most part, it’s never wrong. So today put more trust in yourself and your feelings and listen to your body.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x

Below I have selected some of my floral blouses and perfect for Fall Fedoras, I hope you like my selection xx

Rag & Bone Felt Hat – HERE Isabel Marant BlouseHERE Olive clothing Blouse – HERE The White Company Hat – HERE

& Other Stories Smock Blouse – HERE Reiss Navy Fedora – HERE H&M Floral Blouse – HERE

Zimmerman Tassle Blouse – HERE Joules Oxblood Fedora – HERE H&M Pink Floral Blouse – HERE

H&M Green Floral Blouse – HERE

My Outfit:

Joules Hat

& Other Stories blouse

COS Skirt

Vagabond boots


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