For The Little Ones, Autumn Dresses and Sweet Cardigans

Taken in the early weeks of autumn on one of our afternoon walks. I love watching our daughter explore the world, I wish I could see it through her eyes. I try my best to imagine what it must be like for her, I often think that we, as adults, always expect them to fit into our way of life, see the things the way we see them but maybe we need to go into their world and be empathetic to what they are feeling and how exciting but also how overwhelming this world must be for them. I couldn’t help but capture Nova-Rose that afternoon, watching her wonder around and not to mention how adorable she looked, made photographing her, an effortless and enjoyable activity. This gingham dress was from her summer wardrobe but I loved it with the warm colour tones of the rust coloured tights, brown boots and the sweet navy cardigan. The bonnet was admittedly a little too small but I wanted to see her wear it one more time before putting it into storage. Below I have picked a few of my favourite dresses and cardigans for our little ones.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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