A Post That Will Make You Feel All Warm & Cosy

As the U.K. prepares to go I nto another lockdown I reminded myself that whilst we may not be responsible or in control of all the situations and scenarios that we find ourselves in, we do in fact have control over the way we choose to respond. We may feel ourselves becoming overwhelmed with the continued charged energy of the year that is 2020 and the unknown energy that seems to come in abundance along with it but please try and remember that we are entitled to feel what we feel but like the benevolent waves of the tide, emotions can come and then can go. Feel what you need to feel and then release them and do what you can to stay grounded and do what you must to stay positive because like all uncomfortable times in our lives, time moves on and things change and we will look back on this pandemic with a sense of relief that it’s finally over.

Today I’m sharing some images that have inspired me ( thanks Pinterest) and it’s imagery like this that gives me a sense of calm. I look at these photos and I feel cosy and warm inside with the notion that we live in a beautiful world if we decide to look through the right lenses.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

None of these photos are my own, I found them on Pinterest and it would be very time consuming to discover and credit each and every image. But you can click here, here and here for the boards on which they are saved and that shoal hopefully link you back to original source.


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