Feminine Florals & Stylish Sneakers

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Of course it was Halloween this past weekend and though it was different to our usual Halloween festivities, it was nevertheless a Happy Halloween. My mum and sister decorated the family home, put on a great spread of yummy food, sweets for the kids and watched a movie.

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when we had taken a small road trip and because we haven’t driven anywhere long distance this year, an hour’s worth of driving literally felt as though it was more like three! I was really weird but Thankfully Nova-Rose was quite content on the drive and I actually really enjoy going for a drive (especially when it’s on pretty roads, which it was) and using the time to listen to all our favourite songs.

Listening to music is not usually something I would take for granted but it’s surprising all the little things that you stop doing and let slip when you become a parent and so any car journeys is welcomed if only for a chance to go through our favourite albums. I also think it’s important to give Nova-Rose the opportunity to listen to the music we like, as a wonderful memory from my childhood was sitting in the back of the car listening to the music of my parents cds. It’s where my taste in music started and certain songs still remind me of those days and we all know that nostalgia can be a wonderful thing.

The photos with my daughter weren’t planned, it was just going to be me but she doesn’t like to be separated from me and kept wondering over, which I happily welcomed, as I would have my little miss in all my photos if I could. In today’s outfit post, I’m wearing these Mih jeans that I bought for myself recently and I have to say they are quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I love the way they fit and when I’m wearing them, they feel like I’ve owned the, for years but in a good way, like they have moulded to my shape. I highly recommend investing in one of their styles. I will link mine, further down in the post. I wore them with a floral blouse that is olden then I care to mention but somehow it just keeps on giving and I love how it looks with the straight jeans and casual sneakers as it evokes feminine charm whilst feeling practical for a mum to a toddler who doesn’t stop! Well, that’s all for today.

Sending you love and light and may you a wonderful week ahead, Daniella x


(old) Floral Print Blouse

(old) Marks & spencer Cashmere V – Neck Knit

Mih Jeans

Veja Sneakers


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