Home Decor: Autumn On My Doorstep

Happy Friday!

Today was going to be an outfit post but instead I chose to share this autumn inspired post. At the beginning of October I visited our local garden nursery, which was quite big for me because I haven’t really been anywhere in the last six months apart from places that are nature spots! Anyway the reason for this outing was to pick some autumn garden flowers which were to be a part of my outdoor autumn display. Usually all my autumn decor is kept inside our home but this time I wanted to extend to the outdoors and more specifically on the steps outside our patio doors.

I wanted the colours to be vibrant but in keeping with the warming tones of the autumn. I combined my floral decor with some different sized pumpkins to give an overall feeling of Fall. It would be easy to keep adding and adding to this but I needed to keep the cost low and also because sometimes less is more. I am really happy with how my autumn steps display turned out and it’s inspired me to create a Christmas display once December comes along. I also shared some photos of Nova-Rose, she always looks at the flowers when we head out, she also loves picking them too, which is a little counterproductive but she doesn’t mean any harm and so I always let her pick a few. If you are interested in seeing more ways you can bring the autumn into your living space, the try this post out here.

Sending you love and light and a Happy Halloween for this Saturday.

Daniella x


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