Autumn’s Favourite Knit

Happy Monday lovelies! Today I sharing a look that takes on styling a knitted vest and though, yes, they are very on trend right now, the sleeveless vest has long been a favourite style of mine due to my penchant of androgynous pieces. This one was bought for me as a Christmas present from my Mum last Christmas (last styled here) and she clearly has an eye for great timeless styles. There are a few ways one can style a knitted vest, whilst my last look with this pieces was a little more modern and refined, todays outfit was more of tribute to my love for classic androgynous style. It felt right during those early days of autumn and was probably also inspired by my slight obsession with my favourite autumn movie, “When Harry Met Sally” where the styling for both of the main characters is an endless sauce of inspiration for me. I’ve already watched it twice this month and I’m not one bit sorry! In case you were looking for this seasons go-to knit, then I have listed a few styles that have caught my eye recently. I apologise if any have sold out between me creating this post and it actually going live on but these sleeveless knits seem to be selling out quite quickly and so I would advise that you avoid procrastinating on your favourite piece for too long, like I so often do because you may very well miss out.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed todays post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

  1. Purdey Argyle Knit – HERE
  2. Olive Boyfriend Knit – HERE
  3. Joseph Knit – HERE
  4. Olive Knit – HERE
  5. Olive Cable Knit – HERE
  6. Marks & Spencer (mens) Vest – HERE
  7. COS Knit – HERE
  8. COS Knit – HERE


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