Shy With Some Things, Confident In Others

Happy Monday lovelies!

I wasn’t sure if these photos would make it to the blog but thankfully they were to a standard that I was happy with. I had planned on a slightly different location but it was a little busy and so we re-located. I’ve been taking outfit photos for years and years now but still I am so shy about taking them around people. I don’t feel comfortable with the eyes on me and I try to think about the end result but I’ve learned that if after years of doing this that I’m still so uncomfortable taking photos around people then It’s likely my feelings will always be the same and if I’m uncomfortable then it will undoubtedly show in my photos! So I try to stick to areas that are quiet in order to feel as relaxed as I possibly can in hopes of achieving my more desired results.

I know at 31 I should probably just get over myself but people do stare and for me, it’s awkward! I wish I could be more chill but I’m not and that’s okay, I except that and I do so unapologetically. It’s okay that I’m shy in some things because I’m confident in others and it’s those traits that make our characters unique. Weirdly whenever I’ve been visiting a city, I find myself way more relaxed taking photos in the middle of the street because people there seem to be much less interested in what others are doing and seem more occupied with their own stuff. In a small town and In an even smaller village, people appear more interested in all the things that may seem a little out of the normalcy of their day to day life. On the bright side it means I get to venture out into nature more frequently, as it’s usually quieter.

On a sartorial note, I loved these colours together, the floral print of the blouse (last worn here) is set off beautifully by the soft pink hues of the knitted cardigan and especially when set against the blank canvas of the white jeans. I am still making the most out of my most used accessory of the summer, this neutral coloured headband, which by the way works as good tool for keeping wind ridden hair a little more tame. I know past the autumn it’s likely going to be too cold to go without a hat and especially for someone like me, who’s ears are very sensitive to the cold weather for whatever reason but for now I am continuing in making the most out my headband.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx


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