Pink Knitwear For Autumn

Happy Monday!

One of must-have buys for this autumn was this pink knitted cardigan from & Other stories (first mentioned here) and well, I didn’t want to waist time adding this pretty pink piece to my wardrobe for Fall. Though I like all the traditional warm browns, greens and any other typical colours associated with autumn as much as the next fall fanatic, I also liked the idea of this pink cardi and the softness it will bring to my autumnal looks. In today’s outfit photos, it was still the very early days of autumn and so layering it over a floral maxi was The perfect way to introduce fall knitwear to my style. But as we now Move further into autumn, I’m ready to pair it with jeans, boots and blouses. Keep scrolling for my selection of pink knitwear.

If we hadn’t fully transitioned into autumn 2020 already, after this past weekend we most certainly have. It was cold and It rained the entire time. But I don’t like the rain to prevent me from getting out even if it is just for a gentle walk with Nova-Rose. We wrapped up and ventured out, her cuddled up under the rain cover In her pushchair and me in whatever weatherproof outwear I could find. I feel it’s important to show Nova-Rose that even if it rains, we can still go out.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x

1.Raey Roll Neck – HERE

2. White Stuff Cardigan – HERE

3. & Other Stories Cardigan – HERE

4. The White Company Cashmere Knit – HERE

5. Whistles Roll Neck – HERE

6. Mango Knit – HERE


& Other Stories Cardigan – HERE

Urban Outfitters Dress

Superga Shoes – HERE


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