Pyjama Picks For Our Little Ones

Not so long ago, I spoke about my love for lovely nightwear and today that theme continues but this time for the little ones. I personally think there is a bit of a gap in the market when it comes to pyjamas for babies and toddlers. There are so many sleep suits, which I think are adorable but for Nova who has been taking steps since 7 months, it hasn’t been a safe or practical option. Sweet and stylish nightwear for tots under the age of two, retailing at a reasonable price, I feel, are found few and far between and I really have go on a virtual hunt to find any. Zara home and The little White Company have by far the most stylish options for little ones and whilst I think their price point is fair for their brand, I don’t think it’s reasonable for most. I will buy the odd pair from these companies and though I am currently not able to fully stock her wardrobe with nightwear from these companies, I do enjoy choosing a special set for her.

Below I have selected a few of favourite sleepwear sets, check them out and see if any appeal to you for your little ones.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

The Little White Company

  1. Rose Print Pyjamas – HERE 2. Check Pyjamas – HERE 3.Lion Face Pyjamas – HERE

John Lewis

  1. Ditsy Floral Pyjamas – HERE 2. Baby Bunny Pyjamas – HERE 3. Pink Check Pyjamas – HERE

Zara Home Kids

  1. Zara Check Pyjamas – HERE 2. Zara White pyjamas – HERE 3. Zara Floral Pyjamas – HERE


  1. Next Fairy Pyjamas – HERE 2. MORI Blush Pyjamas – HERE 3. Next Set of 3 Pyjamas – HERE


Mango Fox Pyjamas – HERE


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