Somewhere In-between Summer & Autumn

Friday is here once again and I am looking forward to the weekend. Though it has gotten to be a lot colder in recent days, last week, when we shot this outfit, it was extremely and almost unseasonably warm. Because sartorially speaking I am mentally ready for Autumn but on the other hand on the day that these photos were taken it was more like the middle of summer (or at least thats how it felt) and so I compromised by choosing a pre-fall pallet of black and white with a hint of brown just to break up the otherwise monochrome combination. This outfit had the lightness of summer but also an essence of Autumn, which was perfect for that time of transitional style. Now the temperature has at last began to drop, I can begin shooting my Autumnal looks and that for me, is rather exciting, love the beginning of a new season. We took these photos underneath this amazing oak tree ( I have a thing of rOak trees this Summer, see HERE) that stands alone on our village green, it really is a beauty, though I would love it if the tree had a swing, how perfect that would be!

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


Arket Blouse – HERE

(old) The White Company Maxi dress (worn as skirt)

Massimo Dutti Sandals – HERE


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