Autumn Ideas For Blue & White Dresses

During the summer, there were a couple of occasions where we would visit our local town after the shops had closed just to walk around and get an essence of the civilisation that has felt as though its been lost for the last few months. It was nice and at the same time a little unnerving but i’m ultimately glad we did this a few times throughout the summer months. We took a few photos shortly before we left and it’s always interesting when we shoot with Nova-Rose, she so doesn’t care for photos and is just too busy looking around and exploring her new found territory! She is so funny, I love watching her doing her own little thing.

As the summer comes to an end, I am thinking about the affinity I have had for blue and white printed dresses this summer and how that can transition into the autumn months. I know today’s look isn’t autumn appropriate, of course, as this was shot during the summer months but below I have shared some of my blue and white dresses for the autumn and how I would style them in a way that empathises with the cool and windy season. Of course they would need a further addition of a chunky knit cardigan or a coat but you get the idea.

Speaking of Autumn did you check out my autum n picks for style, home and food in yesterdays post? If not, HERE is the link.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


& Other Stories Dress – HERE

Superga sneakers

  1. Other Stories Dress – HERE 2. Veja Sneakers – HERE 3. H&M Printed Dress – HERE 4. Mango Boots – HERE Merlette Dress – HERE 5. Mango tall Boots – HERE


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