Light Layers and Letting Go

Happy Monday lovelies!

I love rediscovering older pieces of mine and styling them into a look. Today’s outfit features an old Crea Concept dress that I bought years and years ago and though I have always adored this dress and its classic appeal, I often struggle to find new ways to wear and style this gentle grey piece. That was until this summer and I decided to style it with an oversized white shirt which created a lightly layered look. This turned out to be simple but effective and was just the update I was looking for.

Before the beginning of each new season, I try and give my wardrobe a good going through, putting some of my more summery pieces away, and getting some of my old autumn faves out and in general, give my clothing space a cleanse. As I journey through life I feel more drawn to the idea of clearing and cleansing our homes as often as we can. I feel as though that when we clear spaces and let go of things we no longer need or no longer feel connected to, then we make room for attracting new things to enter our life and thus creating an energy that is more free flowing as opposed to being stagnant. I’m someone who has often toiled with letting go of things I have come to posses over the years but slowly I am learning it’s okay to let go of possessions that no longer serve a purpose. Or if I have too much sentiment towards a certain item but i no longer want it on display then I at least put it away neatly into storage.

How are you with letting go of things?

Sending you love and light for the new week ahead,

Daniella xx


(old) Clyde Hat

Arket White shirt

(old) Dress (worn underneath shirt

(old) Marks & Spencer Sandals


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