Memories Of Summer By The Lake

One of the very few things we did this summer was head out to one of my favourite local places, Wimbleball Lake. It’s only a twenty minute drive away and the way there is so pretty and idyllic, especially on a clear summers day/evening. Thankfully we managed to get there a couple of times this summer, though we were selective with what days we went on, we chose to go on evenings during the week as opposed to going on the weekends and we did this simple because it assured there would be less people. I think the way forward in these times of uncertainty is to just be more thoughtful on where we’re are going and what times we are going to go and to try not to live and act from a place of fear but at the same time not become complacent and ignorant to the very real risks.

I was happy when we visited the lake as Nova-Rose seemed to be really quite content in roaming free and discovering all the nature that surrounded her, she especially loved it when her Daddy would throw stones in the lake and they would make a splash. Whilst summer is slowly starting to fade, I will continue to enjoy and savour the visual memories of these sweet moments that we have been lucky enough to make this summer. It’s been challenging but amidst the uncertainty that surrounds us I have never been more certain on what truly matters in life, love! Because love binds, love frees and love heals.

Sending you love and lights,

Daniella x


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