Family Picnics Underneath The Oak Tree

I am so delighted to share these photos with you today. I didn’t realise how well they would turn out until I started going through and editing them. I guess I had assumed that they were not going to be very good because Nova-Rose wasn’t in the best of moods that evening and despite how the images would appear, she was a little outta sorts but we managed to turn it around, thankfully because I would have aborted the idea of taking any photos otherwise. If she’s not happy, I wouldn’t want to make things more stressful for her. These photos were taken at the begging of August, it was kinda in celebration of our 13th Anniversary and because we weren’t able to go out for dinner like we always do, we decided to pick somewhere quiet and head out for a picnic instead and though we were in two minds about taking our little one, we ultimately decided that it always feels like a piece of us is missing if and when we go out without her and so that simplified our decision. It was a bit of a disaster picnic to begin with, we kept getting attacked by flying ants wherever we laid our blanket! But thankfully under the oak tree was the salvation we were greatly in need of if we were to continue on with that location.

I’m currently in the middle of reorganising my wardrobe at the moment and so outfit shoots are for the moment, on hold. But I still have plenty of photos from the last weeks of summer to share. Though the combination I am sharing today is ultimately very summer-y I still like the idea of keeping the blouse out for the coming autumn months as I think it would look equally chic with a pair of wide leg black trousers, boots and possibly a masculine coat/blazer.

Thats all for today. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


Arket Blouse – HERE

Arket Shorts – HERE

Zara Sandals


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