The Basics Of Summer

Happy Monday my lovelies!

It’s the last bank holiday weekend of the year (not including Christmas) and I’m a bit bummed we won’t be doing much due to another weekend of feeling unwell, as if dealing with the restrictions of COVID wasn’t challenging enough! Living with an illness which is chronic at times can be so life consuming, running on empty springs to mind. But when I look at these photos which were taken a few weeks ago, they act as a great reminder, that there in that field whilst taking those photos I felt free, happy and some what healthy (I never feel completely healthy, the perils of living with M.E unfortunately) and before these photos were taken I had faced many periods in my lifetime where the chronic fatigue had taken hold and these photos are visual proof that I got through those times and so I will persevere and get through this time too! Hopefully I will come out stronger and more grateful for it. Staying positive is sometimes all that we have, that and taking each day as it comes.

In regards to my outfit, it really reflects my love for pieces that are simple, versatile and classic. Wardrobe essentials like theses can either set the foundations for a look that is more fashion forward, or they can work just as well on their own.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella xx


Arket T-Shirt

Market Denim Shorts – HERE

Converse Sneakers


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