The Nightwear Post

I have always dreamed of beautiful nightwear but I have always denied myself of such pleasure/put all my available funds into daywear, yes thats more like it. Well, this year I decided that I really do need to start feeling just as happy and confident in my nightwear/loungewear as I do in my day clothes and going through what we have gone through this spring/summer has only solidified that notion. For a long time I have lived in old worn out joggers and tees and whilst I can appreciate the comfort of such items from time to time, it should be because I want to wear them not because that’s all I have to put on. For my birthday back in July my mum bought me these pyjamas from The White Company and it’s bought a new found enjoyment for when it comes to getting changed out of my day clothes and into my sleepwear. There is something so soothing about cuddling up on the sofa with a mug of tea, candles burning softly in the background and feeling the gentle material of these pyjamas touching my skin. Sometimes it’s the little things that we don’t often give much thought to, that can bring us greater feelings of peace and contentment. Though these pyjamas are no longer available (they were from the summer collection) I have included a few of my current White Company favourites further down in the blogpost, so just keep scrolling.

I wish you a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

The White Company Pyjamas.

Check below to see my sleepwear picks.

These floral print pyjamas have a similar delicate appeal as the summer ones I am wearing in todays post. Yet their brushed cotton will have a more season-appropriate feel as we head into the early days of Autumn. Shop HERE.

I bought this Henley top as a gift for my mums birthday earlier this year and she loves it! She wants to own more and has encouraged me to also think about investing in one of my own. Shop HERE

To accompany the Henley pyjama top, I love the idea of slipping into these super soft pyjama bottoms for that extra cosy feeling that I feel we long for more then ever in these still uncertain times. Shop HERE

I have also been on the hunt for some slippers and these faux fur ones look as though they’ll feel every bit comfortable as they appear to be. Shop HERE


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