The Investment Sneaker

A little while ago I finally invested in a new pair of Converse Sneakers. The first pair of converse I ever bought were purchased way before I even had a blog! They were a leather version and not high top. I wore them with everything and they were a great investment. I had been thinking for a while now, that it was about time I owned a pair of the classic high tops and they are such great value for money, it’s weird i’ve not invested in them sooner. They’ve been great for the summer because they are nice and light but i’m sure they will be equally if not even more useful going into the autumn. The great thing about classic shoes like these is their versatility, you can pair them with anything from denim shorts and simple tees, flirty floral dresses or even try pairing them with leather trousers and a button down, white shirt for a chic take on luxe classics which look especially great for Fall.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Converse Sneakers – HERE


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