White Summer Blouse & Denim

Happy Monday lovelies!

A look I’ve been a fan of for years is a white blouse paired with jeans and some simple sandals. Over the years the style of the jeans, blouse and sandals might differ slightly but this simple summer, style formula remains a winner when creating a classic, casual outfit that I always feel good wearing. This blouse by Arket has a modern bohemian look and feel to it, which when paired with these wrap around sandals is really highlighted. Like I’ve said in previous posts, a handbag seems irrelevant at the moment and so for our evening walks I have found carrying a petite basket is perfect and especially if I come across any broken bits of greenery, that I can later out in a small vase to bring a little of the outside into our home.

We try and get Nova-Rose our as often as we can and of course we had a lot of plans for this summer but obviously like it has been for most people in 2020, plans have been postponed. Nova-Rose is going through a phase where she doesn’t want to be out of her stroller, anytime I take her out, she wants to go back in almost instantly, which to me is so weird because a few months ago, all she wanted to do was be out of it and it was struggle strapping her in! But I often think as babies grow and become more aware of their feelings and surroundings, it’s probably a little daunting to some babies how big and open the outside world really is and so maybe she just wants to feel safe and secure in her stroller and so i’ll continue to be gentle in my approach and we’ll just keep taking her out here and there to try and get used to it once again.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x


Arket Blouse – HERE

Arket Jeans – HERE

Zara Sandals


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