Blue & White Summer Florals

Happy Friday my lovelies! My goodness, it’s been a hot week, that move an inch and sweat a bucket kinda weather. When I was out taking Nova-Rose for a stroll the other day I crossed paths with an older gentleman we looked at each other and both exhaled in unison and proceeded to talk about the weather. I know, how predictably British of me but I got thinking how even though we take the piss out of ourselves for our addiction to talking about the weather but If the weather is an entry point of conversation that creates the opportunity for more personal conversations where perfect strangers become acquaintances bought together by common ground such as the weather, then I guess that’s not so bad.

These photos were taken back on the 1st of July and I wore this pretty blue and white floral dress, which admittedly looks a little like a chic, updated version of a hospital gown but nevertheless it’s been one of favourite buys this summer. I am kinda having a love affair with blue and white prints, I am intrigued to see if it will follow me into the autumn or if it’s just a summer fling!

Sending you love and light and I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Daniella x


& Other Stories Dress – HERE

(old) Stella McCartney Sandals – love these HERE


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