Home Decor: Behind The Mirror

I love working on our home and doing what I can to fill it with pieces that look well thought out but also feel personal too. I have been slowly updating our bedroom this year and though I have to budget myself and take my time due to the budgeting, it does allow me the time to really think about the pieces I am considering, which I always prefer over impulsive decision making. Last year I parted way with my dressing table that I had owned for years and swapped it for spice that was more structured and simplistic. I was so certain I was going to have a round mirror casually lent on the top and that would be my beauty mirror. But then I fell in love with this mirrored cabinet from Nkuku! It was quaint and small in comparison to what I had originally envisioned but I couldn’t help but get swept up in it’s enchanting fragility. You can neatly store away your treasures behind the mirror and I must say, that a clever storage feature is always an added bonus in my books! Even though I like to be surrounded by my special things, I also don’t like anything looking or feeling too cluttered, I need things to feel clear and spacious, so needless to say that this was perfect for achieving a clutter-free look on my dressing table.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

Nkuku Mirror Cabinet – HERE


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