Mummy & Daughter Summer Florals

I have loved getting out into nature for years now, as I appreciate it’s ability to bring peace to ones soul. The importance of connecting with Mother Earth during these last few months has been of the upmost importance, whether it’s for fifteen minutes in the garden or somewhere in the middle of the woods, feeling connected to nature has been an imperative to keeping me grounded. Being connected to nature is something I will endeavour to teach Nova-Rose as she gets older. I hope I’ll be able to convey to her the importance of looking after the nature that surrounds us as well as helping her to recognise natures ability to help heal us on a mental and spiritual level which in turn helps our physical wellbeing. It took me a long time to connect to nature, it was only in my mid twenties that I really started to gravitate to the outdoors and Nova-Rose might be the same, who knows, she has to make her own way, all I can do Is impart what I know and feel to be true and hope it will hold.

Our outfits today both include some mummy and daughter summer florals. I bought Nova’s coat back in the spring but thankfully she hasn’t needed to wear it too much, I say thankfully because that’s evidence of the better weather we’ve had this summer. I thought to myself if she’s going to have spring/summer coat, then it should one as sweet as this blue and white floral design.

Well, sending you love and light for the weekend ahead,

Daniella x


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COS Skirt – love this HERE

Superga Sneakers – love these HERE & HERE

Basket – HERE


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