Summertime Feminine

I love floral print no matter what season we are in but there is something so delicate and feminine about a soft floral blouse in the summer. Though this blouse was from last summer, I have been getting even more wear out of it this year! I styled it with the white pleated skirt and because I am such a fan of mid-length skirts styled with blazers, I thought to myself “if something isn’t broke” though I did opt for a linen style for a lighter, more summer-ready look.

I’ve been feeling like I need to pull back from some people in my life recently, do you ever feel like you give too much of your energy away to people you care about but get little in return? That’s kinda how I’m feeling right now. I can be loyal to a fault, my sister, mum and I are all like this and even my partner too and guess what, we are all water signs (except my mum, though she does have scorpio in her chart) so yeah, go figure! Anyway I have learnt over the years that just because I would go out my way to be helpful or show my loyalty doesn’t mean that other people are always going to extend the same behaviour in return and that’s okay, I’ve learnt to except people for who they are and not always project my own expectations onto others.

That said though sometimes I think when we’re feeling as though we are giving away too much of our time and energy with little acknowledgment or appreciation in return or like it’s constantly a one way street then maybe taking a step back from that relationship might be the best option. It’s good to do things for others for no other reason then just to be kind and helpful and especially when it comes to friends but we’ve also got to be aware of our own self respect and not always allow others to take take take, that’s not a friendship and we shouldn’t become victim to that. I don’t believe this should result in a fall out or a heated discussion but instead maybe by simply putting some distance between yourself and them is all that is needed for the time being.

Let me know your thought if you have any.

Sending love and light,

Daniella x


Arket Blazer – similar HERE

Reiss Pleated Skirt – similar HERE

(old) Mango Mules – love these HERE


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