Nova-Rose Wears Stripes

Though these photos were taken back in May, I couldn’t resist sharing them. I loved this little outfit of hers, it seen her through a lot of the spring, she’s already grown out of her little sneakers, I’m thinking of ordering us both a pair of Superga’s next month! I also can’t believe how much her hair has grown since May, it was only when I looked back at these photos I noticed it. She loves her Bing and Flop toys, weirdly she doesn’t really watch the show currently but still loves her toys of them. We bought them last minute for a stocking filler back just before Christmas and we always have a giggle to ourselves because her main Christmas Present was a beautiful elephant rocking chair and she has barely looked at it let alone played with it but the £6.00 cuddly toys that were bought last minute from Sainsburys she can’t get enough of! Funny how things turn out differently to expected.

Anyway sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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