Little Girls Who Wear Gingham

During a heatwave we had a little while back I took these photos of Nova-Rose in one the sweetest dresses that we bought her this summer. Later on in the day she ended up in just her nappy, theres something just so sweet about seeing your little tot running around barefoot in just their nappy in the hight of summer. I know i’m a bit of a fend for always snapping away and I do try and make sure that it’s balanced by making sure i’m very present whilst doing so, its just I don’t want to forget a moment and it’s easy to forget some things with your kids because they’re constantly changing and evolving and so what seemed new yesterday seems old news tomorrow. A visual documentation makes me feel more secure about this and though I do consider that maybe I should lesson how much I share of my little belle here on LellaVictoria but she is my whole world and I love showing her off. When she is older I will of course make sure its something she is comfortable with but until then, I guess prepare for a lot more of this cutie pie appearing on here from time to time. You can also see my five year old nephew in these photos, my goodness how he is growing. I love thee relationship I have with my nephews and how close my sister is to Nova-Rose, it’s we say, they are all our children.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


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