Simplicity & Gentleness Both In Style and Life

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you had a lovely weekend.

A casual outfit post to start the week where I’m wearing this crisp caramel coloured shirt and light wash jeans, both of which I bought from Arket in the spring. These pieces have transitioned into my wardrobe effortlessly and this shirt in particular has become to be a new favourite! love its shape, fit and material and so much so that I bought it in white too and plan on buying it in black and probably all the other colours its available in! Whilst spending so much extra time at home I find that its simple and comfortable staples like I’m wearing today that have become worthy investments. I have already got many outfits out of this shirt and I’m sure I will for years to come.

I know for a lot of people life is starting to get back to normal, or at least the new normal but I’m continuing to self isolate for the most part and so little things to help keep my mood elevated and calm is important for my day to day living and especially so as a mum to a one year old. For me, a simple candle with a soothing scent is a small luxury that can make the world of difference. If I’m not already burning some essential oils, I often light a candle for a few hours in the morning, to help encourage a happy start to the day or I light it for a few hours in the evening to help wind down before going to bed.

Going for gentle walks at least a couple times a week is Currently one of the best ways to get closer to nature and a wonderful way to clear my head as well as keep a little fitter in a way that isn’t too challenging as someone with M.E. I also like to collect a some wild grasses or sprigs of greenery ( I only take a small amount and usually in areas where it’s overgrown, don’t judge me!) and that way I can bring a little of the outside in. Another thing I like to do when I have a bit of time to myself is look on Pinterest and even though I have used Pinterest for years, I still love it and especially in times like these. I love Looking at images of dreamy places, yummy foods, interior decor and of course street style for outfit inspo. I find it a great way to help me to stay creative and inspired. So those are just a few of the things I like to do during these times.

Wishing you a great week. Sending love and light to you all, Daniella xx


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