My Personal Tips For Emotional Healing

The other day I touched on how i’ve been dealing with some strong emotions recently and how I wanted to share some of my own personal tips that I have found to be helpful in recent years. They may or may not appeal to you and maybe you’ll only take one or two things away from this post but I hope whatever you get from this, it’s able to help you even if its just a little bit. I’ll be honest with you, I have felt a little disconnected and emotionally overwhelmed recently, i’m pretty sure I know whats causing it and I know its a matter riding with the current challenges rather then fighting them and staying positive safe in the knowledge i’ll get through this because we always do. Anyway here are some things that I like to try and stay thoughtful of when i’m in need of restoring my emotions and healing myself back to stability.

Have a cry if it feels natural to do so.

Sometimes I like to just lay down and just be with my thoughts and emotions.

Choose some crystals I feel drawn to but rose quartz, Angelite are nice soothing crystals and of course amethyst is always a good go-to.

Listen to music, either calming music such as Tibetan sound bowls (I just go on YouTube) or make positive playlist and listen to all those songs that make you feel happy and strong!

Talk to someone, if feels good to release what we sometimes hold inside but make sure it’s the right person, someone who is going be there and listen and maybe they can give some helpful and/or comforting advice. The right person is quite imperative. If you don’t have someone who you feel safe to share with, consider journaling your feelings either into voice notes, typing them into your photo or a classic pen to paper. It’s just good to get those feelings out.

Watch some lighthearted comedy, series of feel good movies. Laughing plays an important part in nursing our mind, body and soul back to health.

Read a book! Like watching tv it’s okay to just loose yourself whilst you are dealing with strong emotions. I do recommend keeping the reading light and not too heavy, as we are trying to raise our vibration.

Cuddling, whether it’s with a friend, parent, partner, child or pet and if none of the above find an old stuffed toy, a soft pillow or a cosy blanket. Just cuddle into it, this can be very calming and stress relieving.

Light a candle or burn essential oil. Beautiful scents have a very soothing effect and can even be uplifting and energising. Sometimes just looking at a flame of a candle can be calming. In regards to the oils, I like lavender for calming, sage for cleansing and orange for energising.

Once you’re at a point where you can leave the house, then try going for a gentle walk, preferably out in nature and even better somewhere that has flowing water, whether that‘s by the ocean or by an idyllic countryside stream. Water is cleansing and so that on a spiritual level is going to be a healing thing to do. If the above isn’t doable for whatever reason, find a patch of grass nearby, take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath you and then plant yourself there for a while or however long you can/need. Also sitting by or under a tree is very calming and healing. Even if this all sounds a bit hippy to you, just try it and see how these incredibly simple and free activities can benefit you and your emotional health.

Okay so I am going to leave it there and maybe if I feel this post could be extended, then somewhere in the near future I will re-visit this topic with some more helpful suggestions and tips. Please know that it’s okay to be in touch with your emotions, don’t feel ashamed of them, there is a lot of universal energy to contend with right now, which will be having a bigger effect on your emotional and mental health then you may realise. It’s been a challenging few months for everyone, some more then others but that does not and should not make your feelings any less valuable, so don’t compare yourself and your feelings and circumstances to the circumstances of others. You are entitled to feel what you feel and maybe your problems seem small compared to others but like I said, that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty about having those emotions. Sometimes when people are going through bigger things, they go on auto pilot and so they process it differently and therefor it doesn’t always mean that they are emotionally stronger then you, it’s just they’re processing it differently.

Remember this: worrying changes nothing, so have your moment but then take charge. Don’t dismiss your feelings, flow with them, embrace them and process them, then make a start on healing yourself, reminding your soul that its worthy of feeling happy. I remind you that healing from short term or long term emotional turmoil takes time, so don’t be hard on yourself if you have a good morning and then a challenging afternoon because these things take time and the most important thing is you keep trying and do not give up on yourself. There will come a time when you look back and all of sudden you realise you got through these times because our soul drive is so much stronger and capable then we realise.

Sending you all the love and light,

Daniella x


Images my own and some found on Pinterest.

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