Bedroom Decor – The Bud Vase

A few weeks ago my mum surprised me with this sweet bud vase. We both loved it and so she bought one for herself and kindly, one for me too. I’ve been touching up our bedroom recently, this is not a complete redecorating project just a little facelift with some new bedding and a few home decorations. I’ve tried to declutter our bedroom a little bit, which was a little tough because I like having my things around me but I was also finding it distracting every time I walked into our room, so clearing through it, so that I can start a fresh seems to be the best option right now. A sweet vase like this looks perfect with just a sprig of greenery and is perfect for bringing some style to your bedside table.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

The White Company Bud Vase currently unavailable but love this – HERE


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