The Healing Herbs That Are On My Wellness Radar

Healing is a big part of my life. I’m active in healing on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. I won’t say that my healing practices dominate my day to day life as I am a 24/7 mummy and I also have other passions and interests that I choose to try and make time for. But I try and dedicate as much time as I can to my varied healing practices, whether that’s working with crystals, taking time to pray, meditate (which for me is just laying quietly and trying to focus on my breathing) reading books and/or online articles about healing. I am also very conscious about the very real connection between what we decide to put into our bodies and how we feel in return. Though I would like my kitchen cupboards to look like a Neal’s Yard health shop, the fact is, it can be really expensive to live a more natural lifestyle but that said I do what I can with what I have access to.

As you may know I suffer with M.E, Epstein-Barr, chronic fatigue whatever title resonates with you ( I’m sorry if you have noticed I always mention it, I just have to keep in mind that I may have new readers who don’t yet know) and so I deal with feeling fatigue and other symptoms every day and due to a lack of understanding of this invisible illness within the medical field (unless you can go private and even then, you’re still likely to get loaded with pills, which in my opinion just mask the problems rather then actively working towards healing them) I have had to go on and financially fund my own healing journey and that’s one of the biggest reasons and motivators to why I am so conscious about educating myself on living a healthier lifestyle.

“I’ll admit I still even after a few years of drinking herbal tea still struggle with the taste and I’m an English tea drinker through and through but I choose to see it as medicine for my body and that helps with giving me the incentive to shut up and just drink it”

One of my go-to natural medicines is herbal teas. Before going into self isolation I had been to Neals Yard and stocked up on some dried herbs. Like I said it’s an expensive way of life, so I usually just pick a couple of herbs that I’m drawn to or have recently read about or I go with tried and tested ones that I always go back to. This time I went with lemon balm, a tried and tested herb that I usually always take stock of every time I go In there. I also bought dried rose petals for the first time After seeing a post on the incredible Medical Medium Instagram account. I’ll admit, that still, even after a few years of drinking herbal tea, I still struggle with the taste, this may be because I’m an English tea drinker through and through but I choose to see the herbal tea as medicine for my body and that helps with giving me the incentive to shut up and just drink it. I should probably drink more cups in a day but even if I have only one, that’s still better then none. I’m used to the lemon balm tea taste, it’s a relatively gentle taste. The rose tea has quite an unusual flavour but kinda how you expect it to taste, fragrant. Despite the floral flavour, it is a very soothing tea.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

How Lemon Balm might help you:

Its good for the digestive tract.

Helps to conserve the B12 in your body

It’s good all round antiviral herb.

If you suffer with Epstein-Barr or other viral illnesses.

Can help with urine tract infections.

Lemon balm bring an all round sense of calm and wellbeing.

How Rose might help you

Spiritually and emotionally this dried flower can help influence more joy into your life, whilst also helping matters of the heart.

Helps to alleviate depression and anxiety and also has soothing effect on nerves.

Rose helps with digestive issues.

Has antiviral properties.

Helps with respiratory problems.

High in zinc, iron and selenium (antioxidant).

Another good herb for the urinal tract.


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