When I Style Green Gingham & Revisited Milk Maid Plaits

Spontaneity whether in life or in style is usually what defines moments and leaves long lasting memories and maybe that’s something we should keep in mind.”

No, I’m not wearing a tablecloth thank you very much! I bought this gingham skirt from Topshop back in the beginning part of spring and though I have been focusing more on classic, refined wardrobe builders that are versatile with longevity, I still like to purchase the “out there” items every now and again. They can be the pieces that bring a lift to our wardrobe favourites for those days where we feel more extroverted in our style approach and yes, this (almost) neon green gingham skirt isn’t for everyone and may not be your timeless, everyday, bring-out-every-year piece but sometimes its good to be a bit more impulsive and inject some fun into our wardrobes.

Spontaneity whether in life or in style is usually what creates defining moments, as well as leaving long lasting memories and maybe that’s something we should keep in mind. I don’t know about you but I’m a cancer ♋️ and so traditions and routine bring about the homely comforts I’m usually seeking. But that said, I have definitely come to learn and appreciate the idea of trying new things, thus making new traditions because like I already mentioned, that is often what creates a long lasting impact. Normally I like to mark each year by doing a few different things, which normally means going to new places to see and discover and then when it comes to looking back and reminiscing, it’s much easier to identify the year. Otherwise life is at risk of becoming one big blur. Now I know in 2020 I haven’t gotten to explore too much but I don’t think I’m going to have problem in identifying 2020 when I look back!

So when styling a stand out piece like this, I usually downplay it by opting for simplified items to bring a somewhat grounding element to an exuberant design such as this. What do you think of the hair? I know it’s a bit messy, I’m terrible when it comes to applying any real amount of time or effort to the styling of my hair. That said it was nice to revisit the milk maid plaits that once upon a time was my go-to hairdo. Yes, it’s a little throwback but I love it.

Sending you love and light for the weekend,

Daniella x


Weekday Cardigan – love this HERE

Topshop Skirt – HERE

(old) Sandals


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