We Can’t Change The Past But We Can Educate The Future

I wanted to reach out about a thought that I had the other day, when questioning how can we make a difference with what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the all the black men, woman (and sadly) children before them and even after them. I asked, how can we make that injustice a game changer for moving forward into the future. There is nothing that brings justice to such a grotesque mentality in where lives have been continually lost at the hands of the very people who are supposed to protect them but what if someone, somewhere would start a memorial project where the names were put onto stone of all the black men, women and children who have had their lives taken from them at the
hands of corrupt and racist police officers.

I know this doesn’t stop racism, it doesn’t bring back the lives that have been lost or counteract the injustice but i feel it at least is a start of recognizing the wrongs that have happened time and time again. I know that when I visit war memorials it brings such a sense of sorrow but also gratitude for the men that gave their lives to make our country safer and in a sense a lot of black men and woman have served a similar purpose but only if we recognize the atrocities that they have had to endure. Schools, people from other countries and future generations could visit the site and learn about the lives lost at the hands of police brutality and why it’s so important that systematic racism ends and stays ended.

I know the US government would probably never endorse this because that would mean admitting their mistakes and their ignorance to the racism and injustices that have occurred for years and years. But maybe someone who is wealthy enough who likes this idea could get the ball rolling and then maybe donations or a go fund me page? I don’t know I’m just throwing ideas around.

I’d love to see a memorial with all the names of the people who’s lives have been taken in the name of racism, I’d like to see those names written in stone and possibly some strong images of protesters over the years, in order to show love and appreciation to all the people who have walked for them in an attempt to bring awareness and put a stop to the systematic racism. It’s a long shot I know but I thought it was worth sharing and putting out there.

Again this isn’t a solution to racism, this barely scratches the surface for the actions of the police and also my own and our own ignorance as white people and maybe this is just me being super white and uneducated but please know it comes from a sincere place of wanting to help bring a sense of justice to an unjust problem that needs change.

I don’t know if this has already been suggested, or maybe it’s in the pipe line somewhere but I just wanted to put it out there.

I know a lot of people aren’t approaching this subject publicly in fear of loosing readers and that’s up to them, it’s their road to walk. For me, I have to share this because if we don’t tackle racism head on despite how uncomfortable it is, we won’t grow and the next generation will have to endure the same injustice and I’m not prepared to be a part of that. I want to see a change, I want to help be a part of the change and not sit back and say nothing. I want to learn and express my thoughts on a space that is my own.

photo via Leshon Lee


2 thoughts

  1. OK, so here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna educate the future, right here, right now.
    Dear Daniella, you are the sweetest girl with the best sense of style I’ve seen on the net but it seems to me that you don’t dig deep enough when it comes to topics like this one. Please read what I have to say, I just want to give you a little food for thought.
    I was born in former USSR but I’ve lived in USA for almost 16 years now. I’ve only encountered racism twice here. First time it was when my white husband didn’t get a managerial position within his company because the other applicant was black. My husband was actually told this later by one of his bosses, it’s not something he guessed. The second time was when his (also white) friend couldn’t find a lawyer to sue the doctor who screwed him for life. It looked like an open and shut case, yet, nobody would take it. Finally, one of the lawyers he contacted had a decency to explain. He said (and I quote!) “You’re white, you’re working, you’re paying your bills. No lawyer will take your case”. Enough racism for you?
    You don’t live in the United States. You don’t see what’s really going on around here. You listen to propaganda spewed at you by the media, never even question it, and start spreading it around. Not the best approach.
    Naive people like you are being used by politicians to achieve their goals (at our expense, by the way, yours and mine). Those George Floyd riots caused so much harm to the cities and communities (where many black people live) – trust me, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that crap! People were looting, killing, destroying everything around. And many members of the US government cheered them on. Doesn’t that seem fishy to you? I mean of course, if US government is encouraging black communities to destroy their own livelihood you can call it racism but that’s not the story you’ve been sold, is it?
    Many cops have died in those riots, including black ones. Many (black!) citizens were killed because they were in the way of the looters. Many small business owners lost everything – black business owners. Do you condone that? Do black lives only matter when they are on the right side of the politics?
    And what about George Floyd? Was he an upstanding citizen who simply encountered a rogue cop by chance and for no reason whatsoever? He was a criminal, the police were called on him for a reason, he was high during the arrest, a normal law abiding person would never have gotten himself in a situation like that. Was the cop in the right here? No, of course not! Assholes happen, in any race and profession. And murders happen. George Floyd attempted one for example. Please have a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwWOxpTpq_U. (Candice Owens is a very smart girl! Black, by the way) And let’s stop pretending that it all has something to do with racism. By the way, the cop who killed him has been charged with murder. How come racism didn’t save him?
    Do you think white cops never kill white people? Do you thin black cops never kill black people? Do you think black cops never kill white people? Think again. And look up USA crime statistics. Try to figure out why they are what they are. One case of an asshole among the police force does not a racism make. Stop listening to this crap and do your own research before you even form an opinion about racism in a country you probably have never been to.
    You say, “maybe someone wealthy enough could get the ball rolling?” Sure, they already did. They spread this racism fable and made many people believe it, so they could divide us and conquer. I remember you seemed to be fond of Kanye West at some point. Did you ever hear what he said about racism? I don’t even like him that much but he was spot on about it – slavery still exists in the United States. It’s in people’s minds. You’re right that we have to educate the future. But before that we have to educate ourselves.
    I’ve lived in 2 countries (3 if you consider the 180 turn everything took once USSR split into independent states), I speak 3 languages. I’ve seen how political propaganda works, how information can differ depending on the language you search it in, on the country you live in, on the sources you listen too. Oh, and how it all changes as time goes by too. But it doesn’t make me feel smarter. Quite the opposite actually. It shows me how much I do NOT know because I haven’t lived in so many countries, I can’t speak so many languages, I haven’t seen so many things with my own eyes. And 99% of what I can read or hear about what’s going on in the world is lies. But at least I realize that and don’t just believe whoever’s yelling louder. Do you?
    I also know that information is like that free cheese in the mouse trap. If it’s that abundant and readily available – don’t just gobble it, it probably has a hidden agenda behind it. All we can do is at least listen to as many opinions about a certain topic as we can, and then rely on our common sense to draw our own conclusions.
    Political propaganda employs many different methods – lies by omission, lies by structure, linguistics. Look into that. See the other side of the argument. It’s not easy. Google manipulates search results for politically loaded topics, social platforms ban people for posting anything that contradicts the official narrative. But it’s there if you only apply a little effort instead of passively absorbing the verbal vomit coming from corporate news channels and authoritarian sites like Twitter. I hope you are smart enough to figure out that in this case you’ve just being used. I hope you will start thinking for yourself. That’s the best education you can ever give to anybody – not what to think but how to think!


    1. I’m not going to delete your comment. I’m going to leave it here as an example of what the WRONG attitude looks like and I also believe in the freedom of thought and the freedom of speech, another reason I will not remove it. I am not a US citizen and even if I haven’t educated myself enough in this topic, I am a human who has seen a black man get murdered by the people who were meant to protect him for reasons so slight that only a person of ignorance would believe this was not due to his colour. I may not be the most educated person on this topic but you don’t have to dig deep to see the racism that is running aggressively through the police force, which is not just unique to America.

      I see you have put a lot of time and energy into your comment, I might suggest that in the future you use it constructively. You’re clearly a passionate person and I love that in people I just hope you can use it in a way that brings about positive change to this world, rather then using it in a way that belittles people hidden behind the word educate.

      If you are considering responding to my comment, go ahead but this is the last message I will write to you. I will not even read your next comment if you decide to write one. I simply will not allow you to have any more of my energy.


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