The Close-To-Perfect Linen Shorts

Even though these last few months have just been spent inside and in garden, I have still continued to get dressed up, put together looks that inspire me but i’ve also surrendered to a more simplified style, that is casual, comfortable and on warmer days light and easy. This fleece sweater comes under sportswear but I love it for it’s cosy and warm qualities and its a great piece to throw on when the sun goes down and the evening chill comes along. I have also been on the look out for some close-to-perfect linen shorts, that aren’t too smart and instead have a more relaxed feel. I say close-to-perfect because the perfect image we come up with in our minds eye rarely materialises! I mean has anyone found their perfect jeans, perfect t-shirt, perfect knit…it’s likely the answer is no but I bet you’ve at some point found a close-to-perfect version.

These linen short thats are also from Arket are my close-to-perfect linen shorts and will certainly see me through the hot days of summer (if we are lucky enough to have any more), whether they are paired with an easy tank top or a matching linen shirt, these shorts are going to be one of my hard working pieces this summer. They are a lovely quality, as Arket pieces usually are and they are that great in-between price point, not too cheap and not too expensive. They retail at £35.00 and I believe they come in black also. The only I need to acquire now is a clothes steamer, i’ve wanted one ever since I worked in a clothing boutique years ago! They are awesome.


Arket Fleece

Market Linen Shorts – HERE


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