The Scent Of Summer

Summer 2020 doesn’t even come close to what our summers should encapsulate but it is what it is and instead of fighting it, we really only have the option of embracing the uncomfortable and challenging energy that comes with 2020. Let’s choose to be open to unlearning in order to learn and rise from these dark and uncertain days into a new world that will hopefully be a lighter one, filled with people who have awoken, bringing forth an awareness of the destruction we caused on nature and the oppression we inflicted on black men and women.

Though summer can’t be what it should be right now, there are small ways we can regain a little comfort and for me choosing the right scent to fill our home with, can be a simple yet effective touch to bring some uplifting energy to the home setting. I am a fan of essential oils for a naturally fragrant and healing scent but I’m also a fan of The White Company’s beautiful range of scented candles too and this “Summer” one is exactly what we’ve been needing to bring a fresh, gentle aroma into our living space.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx

Summer Candle Via The White company – HERE


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